"The love of music, skills, and friendships developed in the Downing Choir program instilled in my children have enabled them to be successful not only at Marcus High School but beyond. We are grateful for the experiences in Downing Choir!"  

                                            - Jennifer Rodgers

"We are so appreciative of Mrs. Rybowicz for her genuine love of her students and for making singing so much fun.  Kim is gifted in her ability to share her love and knowledge of music in ways that cause the kids to grow in their love and understanding of music.  We have been very impressed and thankful for Anna's experience in the Downing Choir."

‚Äč                                                    - Mike Davis

6th grade choir has been a wonderful experience. Mrs. Rybowicz has an amazing gift with her students.  She is firm and commands respect all while having this incredibly fun loving personality that her students really latch on to. They want to sing and do well for themselves and for her.  You can see their growth from elementary school choir in just a few weeks. Watching the kids perform on stage is truly awe-inspiring. Mrs. Rybowicz is talented beyond words. I simply adore her and so does my daughter.

                       - Stacey Random

Bobby McFerrin & the Pentatonic Scale

"My daughter, Madilyn Grace, received the finest musical training while at Downing Choir, providing her a competitive edge when auditioning to attend a world class performing arts high school downtown. She was accepted and we are forever grateful to her loving middle school choir instructor. Mrs. Rybowicz."

                                                   - Marsi Hubbard

"Mrs. Rybowicz cultivates an environment that enables students to grow, learn, and reach their potential. She is truly passionate about music and most importantly, her students. Her enthusiastic approach, creative techniques, and standard of quality not only inspire and motivate her students, but also prepare them to be successful in the future. "

                                               - Stacey Sears

"Mrs. R is great with kids!  She has a knack for finding what makes them tick and then communicating with them on their level.  She brings out the best in them as she takes the time to truly appreciate what they have to offer.  She has made such a difference for our son in choir as she supports him and pushes him to be his best without applying undue pressure or taking the fun out of his joy of singing.  She has made choir a fun niche for him where he can enjoy his time and feel he belongs."

                                                    - Lacey Wells

Parent Information

"I have two children involved in the Choir program at Downing and have seen both of them grow to love music more and to increase their singing talents and voices as they could not otherwise do without this wonderful program . Mrs. Kimberly Rybowicz, through her love of music, possesses not only magnificent singing talent herself but has the gift of instilling in her students an appreciation for singing and the joy that music through voice brings into our lives. She loved her students. Her singers are always top in their competitions and performances. In short, there is no better choir program."
                                               - Christina McIntyre

Nathan ABSOLUTELY loves both Mrs. Rybowicz, the choir, singing, the friendships, and the class. His brother, Jacob, will be a sixth grader this coming Fall and cannot wait to sign up and take choir, too! I think this is Nathan's favorite class and these sixth grade boys want to go over, above and beyond for her!
As a Nana, I cannot say enough about how the boys respond to her, and the subtle control she has over them, all the while they adore her and think she is the best -- that is what they all say!

                                             -Maria Ruemenapp

Eric Whitacre speaks about the benefits of a choral education

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