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Choir Officers
This past week, the choir program elected our 2017-2018 choir president and our 7th/8th grade choirs elected their choir officers. Congratulations to the following students.

Choir President – Rhea Karumuru

Cantori Choir
VP – Taylor Bir
Sec – Chloe Adams
Hist – Madisen Perezluha

Varsity Mens Choir
VP – Heff Seibert
Sec – Tate Searcy
Hist – Michael henry

Bel Canto Choir
VP – Hunter Fields
Sec – Jessica Allen
Hist – Nicole Shokry

Our beginning choirs will elect their class officers this coming Friday!

Turn in Choir Forms
Make sure you have turned in your Handbook Forms, 7th/8th grade Uniform Forms, Voice Lesson Forms, and other forms that may come home. Check Charms to know if you have turned those in.

Region Music Camp
Saturday, Sept. 16, 9am-2pm, Flower Mound HS
For all 7th/8th grade students who turned in the registration forms.

Laser Tag
Wednesday, Sept. 20, 4:30-8pm, D2Tactical Laser tag, Lewisville
Forms and fee due tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 12. Chaperones needed.

Performance Uniforms
Uniforms are worn for all performances and all students are expected to perform in complete uniform.  If for any reason you are not able to afford the uniform requirements, please contact the director. This

BEGINNING CHOIRS, first concert of the year (Oct. 18):
Choir shirt, provided by choir
Clean blue jeans, provided by student
Closed toed shoes, provided by student

7/8TH GRADE CHOIRS, (Oct. 3: Bel Canto, Oct. 5: All):
Choir shirt, provided by choir
Clean blue jeans, provided by student
Closed toed shoes, provided by student

iPad Apps
The 2017-2018 Choirs will utilize several apps on their iPads. If your student requires parental permission/password to download these, please allow your student to do so, or feel free to download the apps for them!

iTunes U – recordings/links provided by Mrs. Rybowicz in digital classroom setting (requires specific class code)
Google Classroom – platform for digital class materials, assignments, projects (requires specific class code)
Any free white board app (educreations, show me, screen chomp, play back)
Rhythm Cat Lite – game to practice increasingly difficult written rhythms added to home screen added to home screen

Upcoming events:
Sept. 27 – Dine Out @ Jasons Deli, 5-9pm
Sept. 29 – Guys Only Football Friday, 4:15-5pm
Oct. 3 – Bel Canto perform at Bridlewood NNO
Oct. 5 – Marcus Cluster Choir Concert, 7th/8th grade choirs, Lewisville FBC

As always, don't hesitate to email me any questions you have!

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